LaFleur Marketing LLC

LaFleur is a Grand Rapids-based digital marketing agency that works with law firms, healthcare organizations, and other growing businesses nationwide. We blend creativity and inventive thinking with data-driven intelligence to deliver successful digital marketing solutions to fit each client’s unique goals and brand.

Our Members

Christopher (Chip) LaFleur

Chip LaFleur entered the marketing world by dabbling over dialup on BBS sites when the first portal to the internet appeared. Shortly thereafter, he picked up an HTML reference book and started coding and building early websites in between writing radio scripts, planning media budgets, and handling design work for a small ad agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the landscape changed and traditional media fell behind the trackability and predictability of digital channels, he continued to focus more and more on emerging digital tools and platforms.

Having learned from his previous agencies what worked for the most talented marketing professionals and what held them back, Chip decided to assemble his own digital marketing team. He wanted to create an agency with the specific purpose of helping law practices, healthcare organizations, and other forward-thinking businesses communicate and engage more effectively with the people who need them.

In 2014, he quit his agency job and created LaFleur. From a starting point of one full-time employee and one client, Chip guided LaFleur’s growth into a company with a diverse team of more than a dozen employees and a comprehensive suite of data-focused digital marketing solutions for clients.

Outside of his role at LaFleur, Chip loves spending time with his wife and sons, building things out of wood and metal, and spending time outdoors. He also can’t keep his hands off the shiniest new digital tools and toys, so at any given time, you may find him practicing videography with his drones, reading reviews of new connected devices, or testing out the next generation of algorithms and analytics tools that could shake up the digital marketing world.

Sarah LaFleur
Community Relations Manager

Sarah LaFleur brings a unique and holistic perspective to LaFleur Marketing. A highly empathetic person with years of experience in marketing, management, and customer service, she can intuitively identify the needs of the LaFleur team, their clients, and our community. She helps LaFleur pinpoint opportunities for community engagement, volunteerism, and growth.

Sarah believes that business owners must have a willingness and capacity to give back to their communities, and she’s proud to contribute to Grand Rapids’ long history of community activism. Sarah hopes that LaFleur’s progressive stance on community engagement will inspire others throughout West Michigan and beyond.

In addition to her vital role as LaFleur’s community liaison, Sarah has extensive experience with search engine optimization (SEO), public relations, client management, social media management, and website design. She believes in a client-centered approach to building brands through high-quality, helpful content that stands out from the ever-present noise.

When she’s not working, Sarah likes to spend time with her husband and her two active boys, Lucien and Leif. Somehow, she also finds time to serve on the board of directors for Slow Food West Michigan. Sarah is passionate about the outdoors, loves horseback riding, travel, and backpacking, and can’t help but get emotionally involved with a good book. She is more than slightly obsessed with medieval history and is still angry at Fox for canceling Firefly.