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Rotary Club of Grand Rapids Member Expectations

The list below is a reminder of the expectations of our Rotary Club of Grand Rapids members.

  1. Donate $100 to our Rotary Club of Grand Rapids Charities Foundation
  2. Donate $100 to the Rotary International Foundation Annual Fund – These $$$ go towards earning a Paul Harris Fellow for you and helps our Club to reach it’s expected goal of $100/member)
  3. Be a member in good standing – make sure that your dues are paid on time each quarter (preferably with a credit card that we can have on file to automatically bill each quarter)
  4. Secure a minimum of one new member – this will ensure our Club’s growth and help it to stay relevant and vibrant in these changing times
  5. If you are leaving our Club, try to find a new member to take your place
  6. Attend as many of our luncheons as possible and invite guests that may be interested in joining our Club
  7. Participate in the Club’s fundraising activities – Rotary Open and Service Above Self Award Dinner
  8. Attend Rotary After Hours events that take place the first Thursday of each month and consider sponsoring one at your business. It’s a great way to showcase your business
  9. Join one of our Club committees and get involved
  10. Participate in our Community Engagement volunteer opportunities
  11. Consider one of our other membership options:
    1. Corporate Membership – 2 members from the business and advertising
    2. Small Business (classified as 1-25 employees) – 1 member, with the same level of advertising as a corporate member
    3. Legacy – have a family member that would like to be a part of Rotary, the cost would be $500/year and $20 for any luncheon that they would attend

Where do you stand in meeting the expectations as a member of the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids?

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