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Medical Container Donation to GA Districts – A Collaborative Effort

Written by James P. White

As you know the Ga Districts is one of six sister cities to the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In January of this year the honorable Sam Atukwei Quaye, Municipal Chief Executive, of the Ga West District spoke to our Rotary Club and communicated the need for medical supplies and equipment for their district hospitals which serves over 20,000 residents with a very high level of poverty and at risk families and individuals in the Ga West District areas.  During lunch with Mayor Quaye he shared with me the list of needed medical supplies and equipment requested by the local Ga West Municipal Health Directorate and later met with Mayor George Hartwell of the City of Grand Rapids and the Sisters Cities Committee to discuss this humanitarian need at length.

To that end the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids and the Grand Rapids Sisters Cities Ga District Committee partnered in developing a project plan to send a forty foot container of medical supplies and equipment to Ghana in the spring of 2016.  The cost of this project is approximately $16,000.00 and the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids with a matching grant from Rotary International District 6290 provided $10,000.00 for the project.  The Grand Rapids Sisters Cities Committee has contributed $1,500.00, the Rotary Club of Accra, the host club, has donated $200.00, The Rotary Club of Kentwood has provided $200.00 and the rest of the funds are being raise through from local business, churches, and interested individuals.   Mayor Quaye have agreed to work with customs and the port authority to facilitate duty free arrival at the port of Tema in Ghana.

We are pleased to announce that through help of Rays of Hope International here in Grand Rapids, exam tables, hospital mattresses, crutches, birthing beds, stainless cribs, gurneys, wheel chairs, scales exam stools, suction machine infant warmer rolling plastic carts, stainless rolling carts, bedside tables, blood pressure carts, dental chairs, dialysis machines, boxes dialysis solution, exam lights, X-ray light boxes, boxes of office supplies, 267 boxes of medical and surgical supplies, plus a new copier donated by Applied Imaging were all loaded on Monday May 16th by college students into a forty foot container and is now heading to a New York/New Jersey Port for shipment to Tema, Ghana.

This collaborative project is to help those in need is a great example of Rotary doing good in the world through your donations to The Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Foundation remains one of the only Foundations that gives you money back to be able to affect change in your community and around the world.

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