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Do you know Dr. Julius Franks, Rotarian, Athlete and Activist

In the current issue of Michigan History is this great article about Dr. Julius Franks.

He was a member of the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids from March 1, 1972 until November 26, 2008, along with being an athlete and activist.

John Salan brought up Dr. Frank’s story earlier this year and now Michigan History has an excellent story about him.  Check out this website:

From the article that appeared in the May/June 2022 Michigan History printed by the Historical Society of Michigan

“Julius Franks made history as a pioneering athlete at the University of Michigan and became the first African American to achieve All-American honors. He graduated as a dentist.

He brook the housing color barrier in Western Michigan and the neighborhood of Auburn Hills, in Grand Rapids, stands a monument to his civic activism.”

He was a Rotarian from March 1, 1972 until November 26, 2008.


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