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Think Chromatic

Think Chromatic is a Digital Design Firm located in the heart of downtown Comstock Park.

We believe that imagery is the most important aspect of marketing.  Everyone wants their product to look current and stylish while conveying an on-brand message.  In the past, the best way to accomplish this was traditional photography and video.  A lot of times, however, the logistics can be challenging and, in some cases, impractical.

Over the years we have helped countless companies scale their marketing content through the use of CGI.  Our clients have grown to trust us, not only for our outstanding content but for our customer service, flexibility and ability to meet timelines. 

If you can film it or take a picture of it, we can make it look real.  CGI is versatile and cost effective which comes in handy when your product changes or has multiple designs or finishes. We specialize in 3D modeling, rendering and animation. As well as augmented & virtual reality.


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