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What are your passions? What areas of “Service” do you want to participate in?

Your membership will mean more to you by being an active Rotarian and the opportunities are endless.

Below you will find a list of our most active committees (if you don’t find a committee that addresses your passion, then please reach out to our club president).

Community Engagement

The role of the Community Engagement Committee is to lead the club’s service initiatives. As well as to develop and implement educational, volunteer and vocational service projects/programs/activities that benefit the communities where are Rotarian’s live and work.


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Corporate Membership

The role of the Corporate Membership Committee is to develop a program designed to encourage and provide opportunities for leaders of area businesses to participate in Rotary at a higher level within our community.

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Fellowship / Rotary After Hours

The role of the Fellowship Committee is to develop and execute opportunities for socializing and networking among members. Along with planning and promoting social events to include spouses and families to build friendships and the monthly Rotary After Hours event.

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Interact Program

The role of the Interact Committee is to coordinate local high school representatives to seek out juniors and seniors to actively participate in this leadership level program and introducing them to the purpose and ideals of Rotary.

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The role of the Invoation Committee is to lead a word of blessing or inspiration before lunches and other Club events.

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The role of the Membership Committee is to increase the number of members that we have in our Club through innovative and interesting ideas, as well as, establishing processes that will assist with membership retention.

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The role of the Music Committee is to choose and lead the opening song at each Rotary luncheon.

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New Member Orientation

The role of the New Member Orientation Committee is to meet with our newest members, before they are introduced to our Club.  They provide information on Club operations and expectations, as well as answer questions from the new members.  They also provide the introdution of the new members at a Club luncheon.

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The role of the Programming Committee is to provide the weekly luncheons with innovative speakers and information to increase member interest and participation.

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Rotary Open Golf Outing

The role of the Rotary Open Golf Outing Committee is to encourage our members to participate in this annual outing as golfers, sponsors and donors of auction items, as well as recruiting golfers, sponsors and auction items from outside of our Club.

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Rotary Youth Exchange

The role of the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee is to identify high school students for recommended international outbound educational exchange placement.  The committee is also responsible for recruiting local host families for in-bound exchange placements from other countries.

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Service Above Self Award Event

The role of the Service Above Self Award Event Committee is to lift up Rotary in our community, through an annual dinner that recognizes an individual that has made an enduring difference in our community.

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SPOKES Writers

The role of the SPOKES Writers is to take notes at the weekly luncheon for publication in the SPOKES Newsletter.

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The role of the STRIVE Committee is to organize and conduct a motivational and mentoring program for high school seniors and juniors who want to improve their present educational status and their future life prospects.

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Website / Marketing

The role of the Website/Marketing Committee is to work with the Webmaster and Public Relations Committee to align our website and marketing materials to reflect the new branding of the Rotary Club of Grand Rapids and to develop marketing opportunities for our members.

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World Community Service

The role of the World Community Service Committee is to lead the club’s service initiatives and to help develop and implement educational, humanitarian and vocational service projects in communities in other countries.

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