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8.23.18 – SPOKES Notes & Photos

SPOKES Notes by Paul Arnold

This meeting outlined some of the important Committees of our club and highlighted future plans.

James Eliassen  – talked about the work of the Community Engagement Committee. He suggested that 40 or more project are in the works but that the focus will be to work with 6 different organizations.

At least one project will focus on a Rotary International tie-in. One event will go to a work site during a regular luncheon time. The goal will be to have every member of our group participate in at least one project during the year.

Max Smith talked about the Invocation Committee and urged members to join this group.

Bill Buchanan described the work of the Interact Committee and suggest the need for drivers to help the kids get to meetings and projects and the need for places that the InterAct members can visit.

Michael Loughman spoke about the work of the membership Committee. For the first time in several years, our club has had a net gain in the number of members. He suggested we all keep a top-ten list of prospective new members, talk up Rotary and get new folks in the door.

Jackie Taylor represented the program Committee and highlighted past and future programs.

Josh Conran showed a slide of the arrival of our newest Rotary Exchange student who is from Japan and speaks very little English at this point

Paula Jastifer represented the STRIVE program Committee and talked about their strategic planning process, their need for speakers and a kickoff event coming up. STRIVE currently mentors kids from Union and Ottawa High Schools

Jon Hankins talked about the last trips to Nicaragua and how successful they were in making a difference and building friendships. He pointed out that Nicaragua is not safe enough at this time to plan our next trip there so the Committee is looking at other options including: Uganda and Siri Lanka.

Jim Gilbert talked about the need for Rotary GR members to give to the Rotary International Foundation. 2/3rds of our $200,000 goal has been raised even though only 1/4 of club members are contributing.

President Chelsea wrapped up the meeting with a presentation of this year’s club focus. We hope to expand our relationships with young professional’s organizations, Leadership GR and build better Committee/Board communications. We will focus on Intentional recruitment of new members through retention and gratitude of current members, sharing our Rotary Stories and Inviting new members to our club. Chelsea voiced the Board’s goal to have every Rotary GR member: 1. participate in at least one service project, 2. be in one Committee and 3. Contribute to the two Foundation Funds


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