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8.15.19 – Club News

Club News Written by Roger Morgenstern

We all came away a little warier of our digital identity after Thursday’s presentation from Susan Jazwiec, a consumer education presenter for the Michigan Attorney General’s office. One of the more chilling stats: Over 1 million children have had their identity stolen and almost 70 percent of them are under age 8. Keep their Social Security cards in a secure place!

Jazwiec’s key takeaways when trying to keep yourself from getting your identity stolen:

  • Freeze your credit report. By doing this, no one else can open an account in your name. “The best thing to do is lock your credit,” she said.
  • Visit . This is a great site that walks you through who you need to contact if your identity is stolen by any number of ways, from credit card use to a bank account. The site even offers pre-written letters you can send to let your creditors, etc. know that your identity has been stolen.
  • Contact the U.S. Postal Service for “informed delivery.” This service will provide a daily e-mail with pictures of all the mail being delivered to your home that day; that way you know if something’s been taken out of your mailbox
  • Shred any documents you receive that have sensitive information, such as account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.

News and Notes:

We heard from Ashley Nicole Staten, a student at Davenport University, who is using a $2,500 grant from our Grand Rapids Rotary Foundation to help finance a semester abroad in South Korea. Jackie Taylor said our recommended $100 per year per Rotarian contribution to the Grand Rapids Rotary Foundation has allowed the fund to provide enough income to be able to offer scholarships like this. Make your donation today!



Nick Farr reminded us that volunteers and team leaders are needed for Rotary’s signature volunteer event, the Sept. 14 Grand Rapids Mayor’s Clean up. See the weekly note from Dawn Smith for links to sign up!

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