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7.26.18 – SPOKES Photos

SPOKES Notes by Paul Arnold

The club welcomed Ed Swart, Past District Governor. He honored the service of two of our members at District level, John Galin and Lodi Zwarenstein.

Ken Estell promoted the golf outing August 16th and noted the need for more golfers and sponsors.

Paul Farr introduced our keynote, Dave Bulkouski and suggested that all of us are one fall or stroke away from becoming disabled.

Dave Introduced the program that he oversees, Disability Advocates (DA) and pointed out that it is affiliated with the Center for Independent Living Movement.  The Mission Statement has changed over the years but now the emphasis is on “working alongside” the disabled….  61% of the organization’s Board is disabled as is 75% of the staff. Dave pointed out that over a lifetime, 20% of us will at some point become disabled in some way.  DA works with a variety of other organizations. They focus on providing better access to Community, Home and Workplace.

Some of the services DA provides include:

  • Over 11,000 pieces of equipment that can be loaned out.
  •  Building of wheel chair ramps in homes and other facilities
  • Interview coaching and grooming help
  • Accessibility reviews of facilities and site plans One project that was implemented last year with the help of our club was to measure downtown sidewalk curb cuts to make sure they complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

During the Q&A segment, issues of wheel chair size requirement, family restrooms, lighting and sound barriers and the use of audio at crosswalks were discussed.

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