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7.19.18 – SPOKES Notes and Photos

SPOKES Notes written by Roger Morgenstern

  • Our own Dr. Paul Farr never disappoints when he puts together a medically-related program. Last week, we mixed it up a bit with three doctors, including Paul, providing “Advice from your Personal Doctor.” Dr. Farr, a retired gastroenterologist, encouraged us to select a doctor who listens and when you go to the doc, take a list of topics to cover and stay focused.
  • Paul also provided a little humor in his remarks, when under the area of “advice for a longer and healthier life” he quipped “choose your parents wisely.” We’ll get to genetics in a minute.
  • Dr. Jill Bultje is a family medicine physician with Mercy Health Physician Partners in Grand Rapids. She said her role is often described as a “gatekeeper, coordinator and resource” for the patient.
  • As a family doctor, she said she’s had “a century of care in one day” with caring for a 100-year-old to delivering a newborn in a 24-hour period.
  • Dr. Bultje said when it comes to acute care, it’s important to consider “what DO I need, what DON’T I need and where best to get it.”
  • Dr. Bill Baer is medical director for research and innovation for Mercy Health. As both an M.D. and a Pharm D., his research background has been fundamental to improving patient care and outcome-based research.
  • By gnomically profiling, much can be learned about a person’s health and “give us a look to the future.” He said genetics is currently focused on disease management but in the future, with more advances, he sees additional focus on disease prevention.

News and Notes:

  • Just a week after the “Passing of the Tiller,” our new President Chelsea Dubey was called out of town due to a death in the family, so President-Elect Neil Marchand got some practice behind the podium, gaveling the bell and taking cues from Dawn Smith.
  • The 22nd Annual Rotary Open  Aug. 6 needs lots of golfers, sponsors and live auction items, Randy Murphy told us. As of July 19, we only had 10 teams signed up to play beautiful  Blythefield Country Club and more are needed as this is a significant fund-raiser for the club’s charitable work, from Indian Trails to the STRIVE program. Visit the club website to sign up today!
  • George Trowbridge shared with us a great Rotary International story. George was in Toronto recently for the RI Convention when a man approached him to say hello. George didn’t recognize him until he saw his name badge, and immediately remembered he and his wife were from Traverse City and were part of a 1994 Rotary Friendship Exchange in Sweden. There were six couples who went to Sweden for five days, but formed lifelong relationships. The Traverse City Rotarian told George they had just been to Sweden for a wedding from one of their friends from 1994!
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