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7.12.18 – SPOKES Notes & Photos

SPOKES Notes by Shannon Kolarik

“Passing of the Tiller”

Thursday’s Rotary luncheon commenced with two well-deserved awards. The President’s Award was given to Doug Thompson for his commitment to “Service Above Self” including his dedication to the Strive Program.

The Rotarian of the Year Award was given to Jackie Taylor who was a past President and who embodies all aspects of Rotary International, including her work with the Foundation, her mentorship, and her selfless commitment to our community.

Renwick Brutus began his final thoughts by thanking the group for allowing him to be the dreamer that he has always been. As a young boy, Renwick could have easily been a recipient of our water filter donations. “What we do as Rotarians is help shape miracles” – Past President Brutus.

He followed by reflecting on his year as President including:

  • The Service Above Self Dinner was a huge success – the funding being a major contributor to the work Rotary does.
  • Strive has been growing as a program and impacting the lives of youth in the community.
  • Membership is up.
  • The community events committee has had several volunteer opportunities available throughout the year; member participation has been great.

Renwick then thanked Dawn for her devotion to our Club and the Board for “putting up with him this year”. He then introduced our 2018-19 President by thanking her for being the leadership this club needs right now and bringing her savvy perspective to the table.

  • Passing of the Tiller –

New President Chelsea Dubey thanked Past President Brutus for his mentorship, leadership, and friendship over the past several years and for serving the Club and pushing us to think BIG.

Chelsea shared with us a little bit about herself, her support system including her husband Jeff, three crazy, wonderful sons, amazing parents and in-laws, and an entourage of friends who inspire her. Chelsea joined Rotary in 2012 sponsored (and highly encouraged) by Phil Catlett and Past President Michael Systma. Three years ago, Past President Derek Aten asked her to accept the President-designate position. Since then, Chelsea has been putting in the time to prepare for her year as President saying, “she’s still underqualified to be following in the footsteps of her predecessors” (which we all know isn’t true!). Proud to be one of six female leaders of the club – the youngest female in GR history – Chelsea is looking forward to strengthening the already solid foundation of our Club through relationships we have yet to engage. Our service is what attracts and retains members and changes the world. “We have a wonderful leader in Dawn – seven years of institutional knowledge, great planning, and dedication to our Club, which we need as we blaze into the future” said President Dubey.

As part of her training, Chelsea attended the RI Convention in Toronto. Every year, the RI President chooses a theme and President Rassin’s for 2018-19 is “Be the Inspiration”. Rassin says: “I want you to inspire your Clubs, your Rotarians, to desire for something greater. The drive to do more, to be more, to create something that will live beyond each of us”.

Anyone who has met Chelsea Dubey knows that she represents this year’s theme to the core and she will not disappoint in taking Rotary GR to the next level. Congrats President Dubey! We look forward to the year ahead.


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