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6.8.17 Luncheon Notes

SPOKES Notes written by Teresa Schaal

President Michael Sytsma welcomed everyone and made announcements.  Upcoming meetings include a “surprise” meeting on 6/15/17; Jon Hankins speaking on 6/22/17 about his Water Filter Trip; and there is no luncheon on 6/29 in honor of the Fourth of July.

Tom Mathison was supposed to be the song leader and was going to lead the group in “Jumping Jack Flash” but instead Kevin Paul led us in singing “God Bless America.”

Tom Moore provided the invocation.

The program resumed after lunch and Doris Drain introduced visiting Rotarians and guests.

Doris then described today’s meeting:  a “Know Me Better” format in which each table would have a table host who would lead the conversations at their table about each person sharing personal information, something no one knows, something each person is passionate about and business information, and finally, why did each person join Rotary.

The buzz in the room as the discussions at the tables was indicative of very lively discussions.  At the conclusion of the time allotted for this exercise the group was asked to share some highlights.  Many interesting things were shared about members of our Club.

President Michael wrapped up the meeting by repeating the announcements and the meeting was adjourned at 1:15.



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