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6.15.17 Luncheon Notes

SPOKES Notes written by Paul Arnold

One new member and one returning member were officially inducted into the club. Paul Farr introduced Mary Tuuk, a recently appointed officer at Meijer. She was formally working for 5/3rd bank.

Michael Sytsma re-introduced Lance Weiner. He is the Director of Kent District Library.

Randy Murphy urged participation in the club’s main fund raiser, the golf outing on August 7th. Sponsors are needed for this event as well as auction items and participation at all levels.

Jackie Taylor promoted contributions to the Grand Rapids Rotary Foundation and noted that over $one million has been raised since it’s inception. She noted the differences between the local foundation and the international fund.

Paul Farr introduced Tom Dilley, a retired attorney and author of books on local history. Tom talked about his newest book, “The Art of Memory”. He explained that since he started giving tours of Grand Rapids cemeteries, 10,000 people have taken his  2-½ hour tour. He noted that there are 17 designated burial sites in the city and they are divided into different landscape styles.  Grave yard, park style, lawn cemetery and memorial park are among  the styles that can be found. Many architectural styles can be found among the monuments and headstones including the Egyptian Revival style which is only found in cemetery architecture. He suggested that you can drive by a cemetery and guess it’s age by the color of the stones. Pre-civil war stones are made of white marble. Because of the available of train transport, the heavier, larger and more durable granite material was more often used. Tom further explained some of the symbolism found on grave markers. Early puritan markers often included a scull. Hands often referred to being welcomed into the afterlife. Lambs and birds are often used for children and lilies are a symbol of motherhood.

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