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5.30.19 – Club News

Club News written by Paul Arnold

Grace Shearer announced that Christian Voetberg was chosen for the Boyden Shearer Scholarship Jim Gilbert promoted the Rotary International Fund

John Zwarensteyn  introduced our speaker, Justin Amash, USs Representative for much of the Grand Rapids area.

Justin explained that he is one of the few US Representatives that read through the Muellar report and he found sufficient cause for impeachment of Trump. He stated that the 1st. part of the report contained more Russian Characters than all characters in the Game of Thrones series. The second part of the Report highlighted many instances of obstruction of justice infractions but since the Department of Justice policy rejects the inditement of sitting Presidents, Muellar could not make that recommendation. Impeachment is the remedy and does not need proven criminality. Trump clearly shows a pattern of conduct worthy of impeachment. People are easily misled by politicians and certain media sources and should not rely on one source.

Q & A: Amash is concerned about the abuse of the legislative process. Three people in Congress get to decide what goes through. The leaders exert pressure by punishing members that do not tow the line.

Amash is not ruling out running for President on the Libertarian ticket but does state there needs to be alternatives to the two-party system.

There is a movement in Congress to prevent Russian interference in our elections but also states that the decentralized nature of our voting system may be the safer route.

Amash suggests that he is consistent to his “constitutionalist” viewpoint and is not blindly loyal to the President or Republican Party.

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