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4.11.25 – Club News

Club News written by Roger Morgenstern

On April 11, Interact took over all aspects of the meeting, including lining up a wonderful speaker, Christy Buck, executive director of the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan. The Foundation operates the Be Nice campaign in high schools, the Live, Laugh Love campaigns in middle schools and is working across Michigan to combat bullying. They also work with private businesses as part as their wellness programs as well as faith-based and community groups. Learn more at Christy and her work here.


Many thanks to Interact President Betsy Pichardo, a senior at City High/Middle School and the rest of the Interact Club leadership for putting on a great program and keeping things running as smoothly as President Chelsea! To learn more about Interact click here!




Lody Zwarensteyn presented out Outbound Exchange Student, Jacob Starner, with a RI Youth Exchange hoodie from our District, which he can wear proudly at several Youth Exchange meetings he’ll attend as he gets ready for his journey to South Korea later this year.

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