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4.20.17 – Luncheon Notes

SPOKES Notes by Roger Morgenstern

Tomorrow’s leaders took over the weekly meeting as President Michael, after welcoming everyone, turned the podium over to Rotary Interact President Sebastian Harrell. The Interact students worked all aspects of Thursday’s meeting, from selecting our passionate speaker and fellow Rotarian Dr. Phil Johnson, to greeting members and guests as they arrived.

In addition to Sebastian, Interact members assisting Thursday were Vice President Julia Walsh (greeter), Secretary Mylé Moody (greeter), Treasurer Cassidy Miller (invocation),  Nicole Statem (song leader), Molly VanderWerp (guest introducer) and Ana Grunewald (keynote introducer). It was refreshing to see tomorrow’s leaders in action and we thank them for their service.

It was clear why the Interact members chose Phil as the speaker. He is funny, passionate and focused on getting everyone, from students to those of us “young at heart” to champion their dreams. There was an immediate connection when Phil, an ordained minister, announced he had baptized Ana when “she was much younger.”

Phil expounded upon a quote from the great poet Maya Angelou, who said “dare to dare.”

“Dare to discover; dare to dream and dare to deliver,” Phil said. “They all go together but if you don’t have the first two you can’t have the third.”

You also have to look within yourself so you know what to dare. “Dare to discover…what makes you tick and what ticks you off!”

This is especially important for youth leaving home and school, he said, because they’re about to be unleashed upon the world. “You need to find out what needs to be done.”

He said in today’s world, there is a sense of “ ‘cause marketing’…Youth are connecting with causes and there’s no problem finding things to do.”

Phil said two Greek words help him capture what is going on in this world of opportunity to help others. He said “Chronos” means “ordinary or linear” time…think chronology; while “Kairos” means the “opportune time.”

“We’re facing a Kairos these days…there’s opportunity almost everywhere!”

Meaning it first as a compliment, Phil said “Young people today are really great dreamers,” but then he smiled and added “although some kids like to dream all day long.”

Phil said all this “daring” can end up being dangerous. He mentioned a missionary in Afghanistan who was killed doing her work in 2010. He too has not escaped this danger. Phil said he’s contracted typhoid fever and malaria in his various travels to very poor and distressed portions of the world, including Africa.

At the end of Phil’s remarks, his good friend and fellow Rotarian President-Elect Renwick Brutus

announced that Phil’s latest book, “The Compassionate Conspiracy: A Field Guide to Changing the World” would be donated to each of the Interact members and that half of the $20 cost for others would be donated to the Polio Plus campaign. It’s fair to say Renwick was very busy selling books after the meeting!

News and Notes

  • James Eliassen reported on several volunteer events underway where more volunteers are needed, including Monday’s Feeding America Food Truck distribution and a May 6 Habitat for Humanity build! Check out the details on the Rotary website.
  • Joshua Conran announced the next Rotary After Hours will be May 4 at his company, Deksia. See details on the Rotary website and you’re welcome to RSVP via Facebook.


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