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3.22.18 – SPOKES Notes

SPOKES notes written by Teresa Schaal

  • Today is World Water Day; Jim White was recognized for his efforts in this area
  • The Club welcomed a new member, Bob Gulliver, from Owen-Ames-Kimball
  • Attendees enjoyed a presentation by Rotary Youth Exchange student, Adele Aho from Turko, Finland.
  • Featured speaker was Paul Leidig, Ph.D. from Grand Valley State University who spoke of quantum computing
  • He spoke of the evolution of computing – starting with the slide ruler, which was replaced by a mainframe, then a personal computer, now smartphones and watches
  • “Moore’s Law” was used as the example of the exponential growth that the computing industry has been a part of, and with that exponential growth comes the need for data storage; most are using the cloud now (1 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 – 64 etc)
  • Leidig spoke about memory and the brain and how they are like a working computer
  • He spoke about the evolution of “mega data” and how items are going to be connected to one another through some kind of computer, like light bulbs and connected devices that “talk” to one another; could be by noticing a light bulb will burn out in 3 days so it triggers an order for lightbulb from a source previously selected
  • “Alexa” and “Echo”, made by Amazon, are learning about you and collecting big data; this turns into cryptology and quantum computing/mapping and allows for quickly changing to accommodate for conditions (technology could be used for things such as traffic flow); could help with medicine and dosages; etc
  • A “skycar” like what was on the Jetson’s cartoon show, is already available for $500,000 (but cannot be purchased)
  • Artificial Intelligence has processing power to mimic our brains
  • Algorythms = “deep learning” and the computer tells what information is needed
  • This will continue to be further augmented in the future; virtual reality will fake world simulations; theoretically, it will “add to real life” and help us to “see through the fog”
  • The meeting ended with repeated announcements of upcoming meetings.
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