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3.12.20 – Club News

Club News written by Roger Morgenstern

It was a history-making day March 12 at Rotary as we had our first “remote meeting,” courtesy of the concerns about large gatherings related to the COVID 19 situation. We greatly appreciate our speaker, Hope College President Matthew Scogin, to still attended our meeting with a smaller than usual group of Rotarians. Many thanks to Dawn, President Neil and Chelsea Dubey for setting up the Facebook Live option for our members!

President Scogin is the 14th Hope College president and took office last July. He discussed the challenges and opportunities in higher education today.

As communicated by the Rotary office on Friday, March 13, the decision has been made to cancel the following Rotary luncheons, events and volunteer opportunities:

  • March 18th – Volunteer event at Sibley Elementary. President Neil announced that while we are regretfully unable to participate in the Sibley Elementary reading event, books will be donated to the school.
  • March 19th – Lunch meeting
  • March 26th – Lunch meeting
  • April 2nd – Club 77 event
  • April 9th – Spring Break – no Rotary luncheon

Please continue to watch your emails and our Rotary website for future announcements.  If you have any questions, please email

Finally, we want to support all members of our Rotary family during this time of uncertainty. If you are part of the higher risk population and would like any assistance with grocery shopping or other public activities, please contact the Rotary office at and we will work to arrange assistance.


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