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12.01.16 – Luncheon Notes

President Michael Sytsma kicked off the meeting with the Rotary bell. Grace Shearer led us in a song and Randy Murphy led the prayer. Steve Starnes introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. Interact students from the GRPS Innovation Central School and Ottawa Hills introduced themselves. They were very impressive with their accolades such as honor roll and the National Honor Society. Judge Hugh Brenneman introduced Thomas Dorwin, a new Rotarian.

The keynote speaker was kindly introduced by JoAnn Abraham. Teresa Toland, RN, BBA, is the CEO of Tandem 365. Her company helps bring organizations together around a common goal – many of whom were former competitors. Teresa shared how Tandem 365 reduces avoidable hospital admission and emergency room visits. They have brought together Clark, Holland Home, Life EMS, Porter Hills, and Sunset. She and her team helped them to come together and create a new system with less barriers.

The results of Tandem 365 have been extraordinary. They have reduced the rates of re-admission to 6.3% from more than 10%. Teresa shared how Tandem 365 partners with hospitals to create services to fill in the gaps. The goal is to utilize existing programs while enhancing current programs. The main problems they are trying to solve are the re-admission penalties, higher costs, and providing the right care. One of the other objectives is to create an individualized plan for each patient which focuses on a relationship.

Overall, the Rotarians were grateful for Teresa’s time. President Michael presented her with an application to join Rotary and a certificate that a clean water filter was donated in her name. The meeting was adjourned.

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