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06.23.16 – Luncheon Notes and Photos

SPOKES Notes written by Mark Johnson

Renwick Brutus kicked off the meeting as the distinguished leader for the day. Steve Starnes introduced the guests and visiting Rotarians. We all sang Happy Birthday to Elizabeth. Randy Murphy provided an update on the upcoming golf outing using the four way test. Judge Hugh Brenneman introduced the keynote speaker, Chuck Stoddard. Chuck discussed the importance of humor in everyday life. He noted that humor goes way back to the beginning of human behavior and is found in Genesis 17:1 where we learn that Adam didn’t have a mother-in-law.

Chuck shared a few definitions of humor. One definition was from Mark Twain who said that humor is “tragedy plus time”. Another definition was from Victor Borge who said, “the shortest distance between two people is a smile.” Chuck shared that humor has many health benefits. For example, Norman Cousins wrote in 1979 about how humor helped cure illness. Chuck said that there are many health benefits and encouraged all of the Rotarians to seek out laughter using his seven tips:

1. Smile more
2. Make humor part of your schedule
3. Write down humorous experiences
4. Collect a humor file
5. Be prepared to always tell a joke
6. Hang out with people who make you laugh
7. Constantly look for humor in things and the humor will find you

Chuck said he just celebrated his 49th wedding anniversary on June 24, 2016.

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